Challenges powered by Segments


Supported Features

GC on combination of segments
GC on each individual segment
KOM style points on (custom) segment categories
Filtered leaderboards
Locked club challenge or open challenge
Iframe embed results on your own club page
Fully responsive design


Getting started

Visit the "Challenges" pages, follow the guide and invite friends join. Challenges


For a subset of segments and for a "signed up" set of users, efforts for a timeboxed period are accumulated for time or for awarding points for leaderboards.

Conceptually simple, but powerful and allows users to create a variety of different challenges.

Segment Centric Approach

These challenges are segment-centric whereas the globally promoted challenges are statistics based. A segment-centric challenge is necessarily more local - all participants need access to the segments so the segments must be within range however you define that. So you are in all likelihood competing against people you meet on the roads. This is a community aspect the global challenges do not have.

Challenges are only optionally club exclusive so you can setup a regional challenge and share on social media to inspire others to join.

Challenge Considerations

A challenge can be made to track accumulated tme for associated segments or points can be awarded for rank on segment. Time is useful for enduro style challenges or other stage race type challenges.

The concept of Enduro races is at its core a race format for making races from routes where certain bits count and the rest don't. A challenge crafted by selecting segments as the enduro stages is exactly that.

If the timeboxed period is streched to cover a longer period, we can think of it as a type of stage race. An important difference is that you have as many attempts as you wish within the duration of the challenge. While the challenge is running, the participants can continuously seek to improve their leaderboard position.

Points are useful for cup style challenges. Points can be earned on a number of segments, but you are not required to complete all segment to qualify for leaderboard.

They can also be combined to setup secondary competitions much like the polka dot jersey of the Tour. This works well for seasonal challenges for clubs so riders can compete on various fronts. Access can be restricted to a Strava club, and results can be filtered by gender and age.

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